Dickson County Fair

at Dickson County Fair
The Dickson County Fair is a non-profit organization founded in 1930 to preserve the agricultural history of Dickson County and to promote and educate on the growing of healthy crops and breeding of farm animals. We continue to do this today. We strive to maintain the property we have and give back to your great community by upgrades to that property each year. The purpose of this website is to acquaint interested citizens with our county fair and events that take place at the grounds throughout the entire year. We thank the community for their generous patronage, for without you, our past and present efforts would count for but little. We solicit and beg of all a continuance of such personal interest in our future efforts to make the Dickson County Fair each year "BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER" !
There are many buildings available for rental throughout the year. Perfect for birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties, family reunions, organization meetings, benefits, just to name a few. Give us a call for your next event. Contact Steve Manley at 615-446-7582 or 615-477-2313 or contact Eddie Burch at 615-428-8121 for further information on any of the buildings on our grounds.
No BEER or ALCOHOLIC beverages of any kind will be allowed on the premises at any time for any reason.
Announcements made on fair grounds by fair officials or track officials take precedence over all material contained here, posted on facebook, or printed and/or advertised anywhere for any reason.